University of Missouri School of Medicine MU Health School of Medicine
les hall
Les Hall, MD
Interim Dean
Tel: (573) 884-9080
After-hours Tel: (573) 882-4141
MA202 Medical Sciences Building

Beth Chancellor
Beth Chancellor, M Ed
Senior Associate Dean for Information Technology
Tel: (573) 882-3503
615 Locust Street, W108B

Ted Groshong
Ted Groshong, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs
Tel: (573) 882-6161
MA202 Medical Sciences Building

Stevan Whitt, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Chief Medical Officer, MU Health Care
Tel: (573) 884-9431
MA202 Medical Sciences Building

Linda Headrick
Linda Headrick, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Education
Helen Mae Spiese Distinguished Faculty Scholar

Tel: (573) 882-5644
MA202 Medical Sciences Building

Jamal Ibdah
Jamal Ibdah, MD, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Research
Director, MU Institute for Clinical and
Translational Science
Peck Chair in Cancer Research

Tel: (573) 882-7349
MA204 Medical Sciences Building

Ellis Ingram
Ellis Ingram, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Tel: (573) 882-1319
MA224, Pathology Department

Debra Koivunen
Debra Koivunen, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Tel: (573) 882-5649
MA101 Medical Sciences Building

Michael Misfeldt
Michael Misfeldt, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Tel: (573) 882-8710
MA204C Medical Sciences Building

Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown, MD
Associate Dean for Student Programs and Professional Development
Tel: (573) 882-2923
MA213 Medical Sciences Building

Jack Gay
Jack Gay, MD
Associate Dean for Curricular Improvement
Tel: (573) 882-0279
MA213 Medical Sciences Building

Kenneth Hammann
Kenneth Hammann, MBA
Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
Tel: (573) 882-2841
MA202 Medical Sciences Building

Kimberly Hoffman
Kimberly Hoffman, PhD
Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment
Tel: (573) 882-0279
MA213 Medical Sciences Building

Jerry Parker
Jerry Parker, PhD
Associate Dean for Research
Co-Director, MU Institute for Clinical and
Translational Science

Tel: (573) 884-0042
MA204 Medical Sciences Building

Kathleen Quinn, PhD
Kathleen Quinn, PhD
Associate Dean for Rural Health
Tel: (573) 884-2024
MA202 Medical Sciences Building

Weldon Webb
Weldon Webb, MA
Associate Dean for Springfield Clinical Campus Implementation
Tel: (573) 882-7253
MA202 Medical Sciences Building

Department Chairs

Office of Medical Education

Organizational Charts

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