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The Lester R. Bryant Pre-Admissions Program

Program Requirements

The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is required of program participants for matriculation into the school of medicine as well as superior performance in the prerequisite science courses, and satisfactory completion of the other program requirements.

Prerequisite Science Courses

Bryant Scholars must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.30 and a cumulative math/science GPA of 3.30 and earn A or B grades in the required course work listed below.

  • English composition or writing intensive, 2 semesters
  • College-level mathematics (college algebra or above), 1 semester
  • Biologic Sciences (e.g.  biology, genetics, cell biology, animal physiology, molecular biology, histology), 2 semesters of lecture each with lab
  • General chemistry, 2 semesters of lecture each with lab
  • Organic chemistry, 2 semesters of lecture each with lab
  • General physics, 2 semesters of lecture each with lab

Students will be required to take prerequisite courses at their home institution that are equivalent to University of Missouri-Columbia courses. Students will submit a plan of study with their application outlining the courses they will take over the duration of the program to meet the course requirements of the school of medicine. The plan of study will be reviewed and approved by the Pre-Professional Scholars Program (PSP) Committee at the time of application.  Any changes in a student’s plan of study will also need to be submitted to the PSP Committee for approval.

To determine course equivalency please go to the MU Course Equivalency Website. Exceptions will be reviewed and approved by the Associate Dean for Student Programs and Professional Development.

If a student receives a C or lower in any of the required courses outlined in their plan of study they will be considered for dismissal from the program. Students must submit an appeal and a remediation plan to the PSP Committee for review and approval.  The remediation plan will outline the course the student will take to remediate the deficient grade by the next regularly scheduled PSP Committee meeting.  If the committee allows the student to continue in the program, the committee will then follow current protocol/policy for remediation of a deficient grade.

For the entering classes of 2014 and 2015, students must continue to take the specific course requirements outlined at their home institution.

Transcript Review:

Students are required to send their official transcripts to the Offices of Medical Education (OME) postmarked no later than June 1 (for spring semester grades) and January 1 (for summer and fall semester grades) during their Junior and Senior years in college. These transcripts must be OFFICIAL and sealed by their institution. University of Missouri-Columbia students are excluded from this requirement since OME can access official transcripts based on home institution rules. For the entering classes of 2014 and 2015, the Bryant Faculty Adviser will continue to forward transcripts to OME for students at their institution.

Academic Review:

Each July and February, the spring/summer/winter semesters are reviewed for each Bryant Scholar to assess cumulative academic performance.  The Committee may place a student on Program Probation if:

  • The student fails to send official transcripts by June 1 and January 1. (must be postmarked no later than these dates)
  • The student fails to follow their approved plan of study.
  • The student’s cumulative and/or math/science GPA falls below 3.30.
  • The student earns less than a B grade in any one of the seven required lecture or laboratory courses, or
  • The student fails to comply with the requirements related to student conduct.  (See Student Conduct section below)

The following conditions apply to students being placed on Program Probation.

  • The student will be notified by letter of the Committee’s action and the implications of that action.
  • To remove oneself from Program Probation, the student must rectify the problem that resulted in being placed on probation.  The student must:
    • Raise the cumulative and math/science GPAs to 3.30 or higher,
    • Earn a grade of A or B in an alternate course as approved by the Committee, or
    • Repeat the required course, earning a grade of A or B.  Please note: The alternate course is the preferred method of rectification unless otherwise noted.
    • Satisfy the requirements imposed by the Committee in individual cases.
  • If the conditions for removal from probation are not met by the end of the following regular semester of enrollment, the student will be reviewed by the Committee for continuance in the program.
  • The student will have the opportunity to submit to the Committee a written request for a review of a discontinuance decision.

Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)

Bryant Scholars are required to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Scores must be available for review at the Pre-professional Scholars Program Committee meeting in July of the calendar year prior to their expected date of matriculation into medical school. Students must achieve a minimum score set by MU School of Medicine. Students who do not receive the minimum score will be reviewed by the committee and may be dismissed from the Bryant program. Students who wish to do so may appear before the committee, or provide written documentation to support their retention in the program.

Bryant Scholars who do not continue in the program after review of their MCAT scores will be granted automatic interviews through the regular admissions process.

Student Conduct

Bryant Scholars must follow the Student Conduct Regulations as stated in their home institution's rules and regulations. Failure of a student to comply with these requirements will result in Committee deliberations to determine whether the student may continue in the MU Bryant Scholars Pre-Admission Program.

Scholars are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a professional and ethical manner. Scholars whose professional or ethical conduct is in question in any way may be reviewed by the Pre-professional Scholars Program Committee and may be dismissed from the program.

Bryant Scholars will be required to comply with all medical school matriculation requirements at the time of their matriculation.

Withdrawal/Discontinuance Policy

If a Bryant Scholar withdraws from or fails to re-enroll at their home institution prior to completion of his/her undergraduate degree, the Scholar is automatically, without further notice, discontinued from the Bryant Scholars Pre-Admissions Program.


Required retreats take place at the School of Medicine in Columbia. Retreat programs may include educational activities, leadership seminars, health policy workshops and social events. Students are required to attend 3 of 4 retreats while in undergraduate school, including all summer retreats. Partial attendance of any retreat does not count toward this requirement. Absences must be approved by the Bryant Scholars Program Coordinator. Requests to be absent must be in writing.

Physician Shadowing

All Bryant Scholars are required to enter a mentoring relationship with a physician beginning their junior year in college. Students will have contact with their mentors at least 20 hours per program year.

Health Related Activities

Additionally, scholars are required to log 20 hours of other health related experiences per program year. These experiences may include but are not limited to: health research, shadowing nurses and/or other health related staff.

Reflection Papers

Students are required to write two reflection papers each program year that reflect on their shadowing experiences. Reflection papers will be submitted at each retreat.

Community Service

Bryant Scholars are also required to participate in 8 hours of community service per program year. The service activity is the choice of the student, but must be approved through the Bryant Scholars Program Coordinator. Contact information from the volunteer site must be provided for verification.

Rural Commitment

Upon matriculation into the School of Medicine, Bryant Scholars are required to volunteer at two Bryant Scholar undergraduate retreats and participate in the Summer Community Program, the Rural Track Clerkship Program and the Rural Track Elective Program.

The Summer Community Program
Bryant Scholars are required to complete six weeks of the Summer Community Program.

The Rural Track Clerkship Program
Bryant Scholars are required to complete three rural track clerkships.

The Rural Track Elective Program
Bryant Scholars are required to complete one rural track elective.

Students who successfully complete all medical school requirements of the Bryant Scholars program will receive a Bryant Scholarship during their fourth year in medical school.

Students pre-admitted to the School of Medicine as Bryant Scholars make a commitment to participate in all components of the program. A request from a Bryant Scholar not to participate in the Summer Community Program, the Rural Track Clerkship Program, or the Rural Track Elective Program will only be considered if there are compelling health or personal circumstances supporting the request. The request will only be granted in very unusual circumstances. Students should make the request in writing or by email to the Associate Dean for Student Programs and Professional Development who will consult with the Rural Track Management Group. The student's situation may be referred to the Committee on Student Promotions, which is the faculty body responsible for reviewing the progress of all students, especially if there are issues of ethics or professionalism involved.

Students who do not complete medical school curricular requirements for any reason will forfeit the Bryant Scholarship, and may have an explanatory note included in their Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) letter sent to residency programs.

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