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Child Health Research Office

Laura Hillman, MD
Associate Chair







After hours, please call Children's Hospital at (573) 882-7500 and ask for your physician or the physician on call to be paged. 


Pamela Hall (573) 884-0321

Goal: To solidify and expand Child Health’s departmental research and scholarly activities by leading each subspecialty division to successfully compete for peer-reviewed federal research funding.

  1. Foster collaboration across departments/divisions in areas which reflect clinical strengths of the department and in areas of future clinical importance.
  2. Seek out opportunities for clinical trials/sponsored clinical research in areas of strategic importance to the department.
  3. Develop and maintain knowledge base of federal, foundation and association funding opportunities to facilitate targeted funding proposals.
  4. Provide adequate grants administration support which facilitates effective grant proposal development and post-award management.
  5. Expand research capabilities of the department through recruitment of new faculty with strong research interest.
Functions and Roles
  1. Communicate with faculty and determine research interests and assist in focusing interests on potential projects that mesh well with Department, School and University areas of emphasis.
  2. Search out and identify potential funding sources applicable to research interests.
  3. Obtain and interpret guidelines and application packets and communicate with agencies, foundations, etc.
  4. Assist faculty in compiling proposal materials.
  5. Develop budget plans and budget justification narratives based on research plans and guidelines.
  6. Assist in the completion of IRB and ACUC forms and function as a liaison between faculty and review committees.
  7. Provide award information to Fiscal Office Grants & Contracts Specialist and assist in setting up account and preparing cost-sharing documentation.


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