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Department of Medicine Summer Externship

Sponsored by the Department of Medicine

Download, complete, print and submit the application to Christy Old in the Office of Medical Education, MA213. Students are required to submit only one cover sheet no matter how many fellowship programs they apply to. The deadline is Friday, January 29, 2016.


Dr. Robert Lancey
Phone: (573) 884-3014

Adam Tipton
Phone: (573) 884-1606

The Need

The need for internists nationwide is growing. The Department of Medicine Summer Externship Program provides medical students with firsthand experience in a private setting. This experience enables students to make informed decisions about a career in internal medicine and its subspecialties. The Summer Externship Program provides an exceptional opportunity for students to work very closely with a practicing internist whose primary responsibility is patient care.

The Program

The Department of Medicine Summer Externship Program is designed to give medical students in Missouri an opportunity to learn about the specialty of Medicine early in their medical education.

The one-on-one relationship between student and physician allows the student to observe the physician's relationships with patients, colleagues, community and family. This provides the student with firsthand experience in what it means to be an internist.

The purpose of the Department of Medicine Summer Externship Program is to educate students about career opportunities in Medicine. We feel this can best be accomplished by allowing medical students to interact with internists and to observe internists in their relationships with patients, colleagues, community, and family.

Each student will spend four weeks observing the mentor in his/her own practice. We have mentors in rural and suburban practices in internal medicine and internal medicine subspecialties. Some students will travel to rural areas; others will be able to commute from their homes to suburban practices. In addition to getting the practical experience of observing an internist in action, each student will receive $1,000 to support the externship. 

The Goals

  • To highlight the importance of Medicine in the spectrum of medical care.
  • To give students an opportunity to work closely with an internist in his/her own private practice.
  • To give internist an opportunity to impart his/her knowledge to today's medical students.


Students receive a $1,000 stipend to support their four-week experience. Rural preceptors may offer accommodations or students may be able to live at home and commute to a nearby practice.

Funding for students is provided by the Medicine Department, local physicians, alumni and the business community. "Combining motivated students who are interested in the art of medicine with talented and enthusiastic community-based internists through support of the college has succeeded in bringing strong young physicians into our specialty and preparing them for a future in Medicine," said David Fleming, MD, Department chairman.

What Participants Say

"I was able to get a glimpse into the side of medicine I had never seen before, that of a hospitalist. I was able to practice my clinical skills with actual patients, often that were quite complex."

"My experience at the family health center introduced me to the world of real life patient care where most every patient has more than one health issue."

"Aside from the substantial amount of fundamental knowledge taught by the attending physicians and residents through lectures and in practice, there was something more that I observed which I felt was truly precious and unique to the summer externship program experience: the insight into the diverse background of patients. "

"The best part of the externship was that it was extremely refreshing and invigorating. I was able to improve my clinical thought process and physical examination skills."

"I was allowed to follow my own patients and use powerchart, which will be a great help when I get to my M3 year. I was given responsibilities and treated like a colleague rather than a "shadow". I also greatly improved my diagnostic abilities, exam skills and interview skills."

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