Department Research

Our Mission

Through the discovery, translation, and dissemination of family medicine knowledge,we strive to improve the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations, with an emphasis on chronic conditions.

Our commitment to research is strong and ongoing. We are confident that our efforts to discover and share family medicine knowledge and technology will continue to impact physicians’ approach to primary care and improve health for patients across the nation.

Researchers in our department have skills in a variety of investigative designs and analyses applicable to family medicine research. These skills include experience with epidemiological research, health services research, survey research, clinical trials, and qualitative research.

In 1979, our department established a fellowship program designed to prepare family physicians for careers in academic medicine. Through the years family medicine fellows have strengthened the research efforts of our department.

David Mehr, MD, MS

David Mehr, MD, MS

William C. Allen Professor in Family and Community Medicine,

Director of Research


Family and Community Medicine Grants/Funded Projects: October 2016

  1. Youth Tobacco Prevention Leadership Development and Evaluation
    Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
    PI: Everett, Kevin
  2. Clinical Information Needs of Community Health Centers for Health Information Technology
    Oregon Health and Science University
    PI: Koopman, Richelle
  3. Optimizing Display of Blood Pressure Data to Support Clinical Decision Making
    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
    PI: Koopman, Richelle
    Co-Is: Belden, Jeffery; LeFevre, Michael; Popescu, Mihail; Shaffer, Victoria
  4. MSPH: Family and Community Medicine (Master of Science in Academic Medicine)
    MIZZOU Online
    PI: Lindbloom, Erik
  5. Building Patient Centered Outcomes Research Capacity: Care Transitions
    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
    PI: Mehr, David
    Project PIs: Popejoy, Lori; Vinson, Daniel; Vogel, Todd
    Co-Is: Cameron, Glen; Conn, Vicki; Crenshaw, Benjamin; Galambos, Colleen; Kruse, Robin; Petroski, Greg; Rantz, Marilyn; Vogelsmeier, Amy; Wakefield, Doug
    Post Doc: Rolbiecki, Abigail
  6. Shared Decision Making to Improve Palliative Care in the Nursing Home
    National Institutes of Health
    PI: Parker-Oliver, Debra
    Co-Is: Kruse, Robin; Popejoy, Lori; Washington, Karla
  7. Primary Care Training and Enhancement
    Department of Health and Human Services: Health Research and Services Administration
    PI: Ringdahl, Erika
    Co-Is: Belden, Jeffery; Cronk, Nikole; Deane, Kristen Tarwater; Garrett, Elizabeth; Lindbloom, Erik; Morris, Laura; Wells, Jack
  8. Improving Information Flow to Enhance Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Hospice Care
    MU Interdisciplinary Center on Aging Research Enrichment and Dissemination (READ) Grant $10,000
    PI: Washington, Karla
  9. A Problem-Solving Intervention for Family Caregivers in Palliative Oncology
    National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute
    PI: Washington, Karla
    Co-Is: Craig, Kevin; Parker-Oliver, Debra; Tatum, Paul