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Tom and Anne Smith MD-PhD Program

Mozow Yusof, MD, PhD, conducted laboratory research in conjunction with clinical training as a student at MU. Her studies on microvascular circulation could help prevent or improve treatment for cardiovascular disease, stroke and Alzheimer's disease.
Remarkable advances in medical research have recently transformed our understanding of human biology and the molecular and genetic basis of disease. In fact, research has progressed so rapidly that medicine is experiencing what experts call a "scientific bottleneck." Discoveries made by laboratory scientists have provided an enormous amount of new information, but most physicians have not been adequately trained in both science and medicine to apply that information to the benefit of patients. To break this bottleneck that keeps the latest research from reaching patients, academic medical centers at the University of Missouri and elsewhere are training a new generation of physician-scientists by developing MD-PhD programs.

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Ulus Atasoy, MD
Director, Tom and Anne Smith MD-PhD Program
Phone: (573) 884-4074

Marshanna Gresham
Program Adminstrator
M263 Medical Sciences Building
University of Missouri Health Care
One Hospital Drive
Columbia, MO 65212
Phone: (573) 884-4074

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