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Reproductive and Perinatal Research Division


In 1996, our department created a Division of Research, appointing Dr. Kathy Timms as Director. Teaming with Drs. Michael Roberts and H. Alan Garverick, an application for funding was submitted to the State of Missouri Life Sciences Mission Enhancement Program. This application, designed to build a bridge between animal reproductive biology and human reproductive medicine, was awarded. It provided funding for four additional faculty positions, two of which would join our department’s research division. When our current chairman arrived, he negotiated additional support for two more research faculty in our department.

With four new faculty positions and newly remodeled plus new laboratory space our division took root. It has been a joy to watch the Division of Reproduction and Perinatal Research grow and flourish. We have established an atmosphere of collegiality and collaboration within our division, across campus, nationally and internationally


This website was established to foster communication with other research laboratories doing similar work in order to promote the flow of ideas and information. Students (medical, graduate and undergraduate) looking for a research home may read about our work and gain an appreciation for our goals and our approach to translational science. Further, we hope to act as reference source for persons suffering from reproductive and perinatal anomalies, so that they may gain an understanding of the research we are performing and our goals to solve these problems.


By means of multidisciplinary, collaborative research, we stand committed to exploration
that accelerates translation of basic science findings into novel diagnostic and
therapeutic tools for treatment and prevention of reproductive and perinatal diseases


  • Advance knowledge of basic mechanisms of reproductive health and disease
  • Disperse the resulting knowledge through academic publication
  • Self-sustain this undertaking through acquisition of external funding
  • Translate this knowledge to advance clinical reproductive and perinatal medicine
  • Continue interdepartmental, intercampus, national and international collaborative research efforts towards establishment of a Center of Excellence
  • Become recognized as one of the top 25 Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Departments in the United States

Focus Areas

  • Establishment and maintenance of pregnancy
    • Infertility
    • Recurrent pregnancy loss
    • Endometriosis
    • Immunological anomalies in reproduction
    • Pre-eclampsia
    • Preterm birth and premature rupture of membranes
  • Developmental origins of adult disease
  • Gynecologic infection and malignancy

Women’s Research Center Annual Report

Click Here for the Women's Research Center Annual Report


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