3302 Business Park Court, Suite A,
Columbia, MO 65203
(573)882-MRIC (6742) or toll free 1(866)579-8346
Experience state-of-the-art technology, expertise and convenience at Missouri Radiology Imaging Center…..  The center offers the most advanced MRI in Missouri and ultrasound diagnostic testing.  Board-certified, subspecialty-fellowship trained radiologists interpret your images and send them to your doctor the same day.
The Missouri Radiology Imaging Center is the first outpatient imaging center that the University of Missouri and University Healthcare has opened. It has been a success- convenient close parking, waiting room with lots of amenities, helpful service orientated staff, relaxing atmosphere, and exceptional and timely diagnostic care.   
Our radiologists offer consultations for procedures for uterine fibroid treatment, spider vein treatment, and neuroradiology procedures. In addition, our interventional radiologists offer a new non-surgical technique to eliminate varicose veins.  The technique can provide excellent results without the pain and lengthy recovery of surgical vein stripping or the burning and scarring from other procedures.  Plus it requires virtually no recovery time.  You’ll be walking as soon as the procedure is complete.


Remember,whether you are located in Columbia or one our surrounding communities, please request your physician to use The Missouri Radiology Imaging Center for all your MRI, Ultrasound imaging service. Office hours are from 7am – 7pm, Monday – Friday.

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