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H. Dennis Mollman, MD, PhD

Cadaver study on the accuracy of O-arm navigation in the placement of cervical and thoracic pedicle screws.

Surgery (Neurosurgery)

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Purpose: To evaluate the accuracy of pedicle screw placement using O-arm and Stealth technology in the cervical and thoracic spine.

Method: Four cadavers were used with pedicle screws placed in the cervical and thoracic spines using O-arm image guidance and stealth navigation. Both an expert and a novice spine surgeon placed the instruments. Tomographic images were obtained to evaluate the accuracy of the placement of the screws.

Project: The images are to be processed and entered into a data base. Pedicle placement is to be evaluated for each screw placement documenting pedicle breach or not. The data generated is to analyzed for differences between novice and expert, and for the level of the spine.

Description of trainee activities

  1. Manipulation of the raw image data from the O-arm station into usable images in three projections, axial, sagittal and coronal.
  2. Entering the final images into a database.
  3. Evaluating each of the images for location of the pedicle screw.
  4. Statistical analysis of the data.
  5. Participation in the writing of a manuscript for publication.


Weekly number of hours of face-to-face supervision anticipated:
3 Hours.

Human subjects?

Animal Use?

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