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Research Council

The Research Council provides faculty with a forum to discuss institutional research issues and to communicate them to the administration.

The Research Council sponsors the School of Medicine Student Research Fellowship Program.

The purpose of this program is to support first- and second-year medical students, incoming medical students, and junior/senior Conley Scholars, while they engage in original research under the direct supervision of a faculty member. Stipends are paid while students work eight to 10 weeks full-time on projects proposed by faculty members.

To acquaint students with the opportunities available, the Research Council solicits research project descriptions from faculty members and distributes them to students near the end of the fall semester. Students are directed to contact the faculty member whose project is of interest to discuss the project's details and the student's qualifications. An application for a Student Research Fellowship is submitted jointly by the student and faculty sponsor.

Fellowships are awarded according to the Research Council's assessment of the impact of the research experience on the student's medical education. The student and sponsor each will be expected to submit reports summarizing the scientific and educational progress made with fellowship support.

School of Medicine Research Council

The Research Council consists of at least 15 voting members. Three members shall hold the following positions: 1) A dean in the School of Medicine responsible for research; 2) Chair of the Institutional Review Board, Health Sciences Section and 3) Associate Chief of Staff for Research of the V.A. Hospital. Fifteen members shall be appointed from the Faculty Assembly of the School of Medicine. 1) Members shall be appointed annually by the Dean. No one may serve more than three consecutive years: 2) Approximately one-third of the membership shall be replaced each year. Major involvement in research is a prerequisite for Council membership. The term of office shall begin on July 1, 2013.


MemberDepartmentTerm Expires
Mirna Becevic, PhD Dermatology 6/30/18
Abdallah Dalabih, MD Child Health 6/30/18
Greg Della Rocca, MD Orthopaedics 6/30/16
Timothy Domeier, PhD Medical Pharmacology & Physiology 6/30/18
Kevin Everett, MD Family & Community Medicine 6/30/16
Vladislav Glinskii, PhD Pathology & Anatomical Sciences 6/30/16
Julie Kapp, MPH, PhD HMI 6/30/18
Emily Leary, PhD HMI 6/30/18
Heather Leidy, PhD Nutrition & Exercise Physiology 6/30/18
John Lever, PhD Radiology 6/30/18
Kerry McDonald, PhD Medical Pharmacology & Physiology 6/30/18
Susan McKarns, PhD Surgery and Molecular Microbiology & Immunology 6/30/18
Lakshmi Pulakat, PhD Medicine - Cardiology 6/30/18
Scott Rector, PhD Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology 6/30/16
Puttur Santhoshkumar, PhD Ophthalmology 6/30/16
Mahesh Thakkar, PhD Neurology 6/30/18
Todd Vogel, MD Surgery 6/30/18
Karla Washington, PhD, LCSW Family & Community Medicine 6/30/18
Ex-officio Members:
James Cook, DVM, PhD, Interim Senior Associate Dean for Research
Jerry Parker, PhD, Associate Dean for Clinical Research
Neils Beck, PhD, Chair, Institutional Review Board
Adam Whaley-Connell, DO, Associate Chief of Staff for Research and Development, HSTMVH


Direct inquiries to:

Research Council Staff
Debbie Taylor, Coordinator Program/Project Support

Phone: (573) 884-0042




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