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Economic Impact of Using Pre-filled Intrathecal Baclofen Refill Syringes over Ampules

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With increasing pressure to see more patients during the workday, physicians need to examine all opportunities to increase office efficiencies. The practice of refilling intrathecal baclofen pumps can be a labor intensive, time consuming venture. Pump solutions are available from the manufacturer in glass ampules that must be broken and then drawn up into a syringe. A newer product is delivered in a pre-filled syringe.

The hypothesis of this project is that the prefilled syringes will decrease refill times to a degree that will allow busy practitioners to schedule additional patients during the work day. An economic analysis of the results will be completed. The work should result in a poster presentation at an appropriate venue but could also become a short published work.

Description of trainee activities

The trainee will be responsible for all aspects of the project. They will first learn about intrathecal baclofen therapy and the standard refill technique. The trainee will plan an intervention to optimally obtain the needed data and will analyze those results. They will obtain financial renumeration data for work performed within a university setting as well as in a private practice clinic and analyze the results for each venue.

Weekly number of hours of face-to-face supervision anticipated:

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