New Program Supports Nontraditional Medical School Applicants

For the thousands of Missourians who apply to medical school each year, tiny details contained in their applications can quickly open or shut doors. Those applicants without access to advising resources typically found at four-year universities can find the process of getting into medical school especially daunting.

More than 40 of these nontraditional applicants are enrolled in the MU School of Medicine’s new Mizzou MedPrep program. The diverse group will begin receiving advice they need to become physicians during the first Mizzou MedPrep workshop May 20-21 at MU.

“The Mizzou MedPrep program is designed for those whose path to medical school has taken a few twists and turns,” said Rachel Brown, MD, associate dean for student programs and professional development at the MU School of Medicine. “Some of these applicants may be in their second career or have come from a disadvantaged background where they did not have the same educational opportunities or support as other applicants.”

The first Mizzou MedPrep workshop will provide a series of sessions intended to address various aspects of a medical school application, including academic preparation and listing personal experiences. Participants will have one-on-one sessions with experienced faculty members who will provide feedback on the contents of students’ applications and help identify areas for improvement.

“Last year at MU we had more than 1,500 applicants and interviewed around 360 to fill 104 slots for our first-year class,” Brown said. “Most people apply to an average of 15 medical schools and expect to get invited to one or two interviews, so the information contained in the application is critical.”

After the first workshop, participants will have the chance to continue with the Mizzou MedPrep program during a three-week online workshop. The next workshop at MU, scheduled for Aug. 12, will address the personal statement portion of the medical school application, as well as interview techniques.