MU School of Medicine to Develop Residency Program for E.R. Physicians

The University of Missouri School of Medicine is creating a new residency program to train physicians specializing in emergency medicine. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education granted approval in September 2013 for the new program. Training of emergency physicians will begin in July 2014.

Residency is a form of clinical, post-graduate training for physicians after they graduate from medical school. Resident physicians, or “residents,” train in a particular specialty, such as pediatrics, surgery or emergency medicine.”Like most of the country, Missouri faces a shortage of physicians in rural areas — a shortage that includes specialists in emergency medicine,” said Les Hall, MD, interim dean and professor of internal medicine at the MU School of Medicine. “The MU School of Medicine stands in a strong position to help address this need. More Missouri physicians received their medical degrees from MU than from any other university in our state. By creating this new residency program, our goal is to train more physicians for hospital emergency rooms throughout our state.”

“Emergency medicine is one of the newest recognized medical specialties, having only existed since the late 1970s,” said Marc Borenstein, MD, professor and chair of the School of Medicine’s Department of Emergency Medicine. “Historically, most physicians in hospital emergency departments have been trained in other specialties, such as internal medicine or family medicine. These physicians have become experts in the field through years of experience.

“As medical techniques and technology become more advanced, specialized residency training in emergency medicine is becoming more important for tomorrow’s emergency medicine physicians,” Borenstein said. “As many emergency medicine physicians throughout our state begin to retire or leave the field of emergency medicine during the next several years, the University of Missouri wants to ensure our state has highly trained physicians to succeed them and to continue providing vital, often lifesaving care to patients.”

The School of Medicine and University of Missouri Health Care began planning for the creation of the new residency program in 2009. Since Borenstein joined the university in 2011, the department’s faculty has grown from seven to 20 physicians to prepare for the residency program. The department will begin recruiting a group of approximately six to eight residents between October 2013 and January 2014, and the program’s first class of residents will be selected through the national resident matching program in March 2014.

“We’re pleased to partner with the School of Medicine to help create this new emergency medicine physician residency program,” said Mitch Wasden, EdD, chief executive officer and chief operating officer of MU Health Care. “This new program represents MU Health Care’s commitment as an academic medical center to providing world-class care to the people of Missouri, as well as educating the next generation of health careprofessionals.”