Interactive E-Book Aims to Improve Electronic Health Records

A team led by Jeffery Belden, MD, professor of clinical family and community medicine at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, has produced an interactive e-book titled “Inspired EHRs: Designing for Clinicians.”

The e-book, which gives examples and guidelines for electronic health records usability, is aimed at health information technology developers, including software vendors, implementation teams, EHR consultants and usability professionals.

“Software developers using this work will make it easier for the doctor to pay attention to the patient instead of trying to figure out how to use the software to access the health records,” Belden said. “It is part of an overall effort to make people’s health records more available and understandable. The MU Health System continues to be one of the most wired health systems in the nation, and this publication is another way we can help our colleagues across the nation.”

The e-book can be accessed for free at and can also be viewed as a PDF.

The book was developed with workshop participants from the Electronic Health Record Association Clinician Experience Workgroup. The team of authors is based at the University of Missouri in partnership with Involution Studios Boston, with assistance from colleagues at the University of Maryland Human-Computer Interaction Lab in College Park, Maryland, and the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston. The group hopes to produce a series of similar interactive e-books on related health information technology topics.