MU Neurologist Earns National Education Honor

Raghav Govindarajan, MD

Raghav Govindarajan, MD, an assistant professor of neurology at the University of Missouri School of Medicine and a neurologist at MU Health Care, will receive the National Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence by the American Medical Student Association. He will be recognized during the 2016 AMSA Convention and Exposition on Friday, April 1, in Washington, D.C.

The award honors a medical school professor who has made a significant impact, improvements or advancements in medical education. Govindarajan was selected based on nominations from MU medical students and AMSA members.

“This is a much-deserved honor for a superb teacher and a reflection of his excellent education style and abilities,” said Pradeep Sahota, MD, chair of the MU School of Medicine Department of Neurology. “Students consistently seek out opportunities to work with Dr. Govindarajan in a clinical setting.”

One such student is Dennis Chuang, a fourth-year medical student at MU.

“Dr. Govindarajan helps students focus on the important points and carefully explains the thought process through his differential diagnosis in individual case scenarios,” Chuang wrote in his nomination of Govindarajan. “One can always step into his classroom with the expectation to learn abundantly while maintaining high levels of intellectual stimulation and enjoyment.”

“To be recognized based on the input of our medical students makes this award truly special,” Govindarajan said. “We have many deserving educators at our medical school, and to receive this award is an honor.”

Since 1996, the Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence has highlighted medical school professors who are committed to the advancement or improvement of medical education.