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Please refer to Chapter 2 of the MCR Abstract Code Manual regarding casefinding and reportability requirements. Review of the facility Medical Record Disease Index (MRDI) is essential to accomplish complete cancer casefinding. The ;SEER casefinding tool is provided to assist you in determining what codes to include in your facility’s MRDI. MCR recommends that you include codes on the Comprehensive section of the list and add as many codes from the Supplemental section as prove useful at your facility.

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Different Hospital Reporting Types

Manual/Abstract Plus

Hospitals with more than 75 cases annually must submit electronically. To facilitate reporting by hospitals with 75-150 cases annually, The MCR offers a free software, Abstract Plus, that was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For information about Abstract Plus, go to our Abstracting Resources page, or contact Jeffrey Steffens at 573-882-7775 ext 18 or Steffensjn@health.missouri.edu.

Hospitals with 75 or fewer cases annually may still submit copies of charts via Web Plus or in special circumstances by fax.

Low-volume Facilities (formerly known as Circuit Riding Facilities)