How do I join the HMI alumni association?

How do I serve on the board or a committee?

If you are interested in serving on a committee, you mail contact the President of the Alumni Association, or any of the members of the HMIAA Alumni Executive:

How do I donate and what are the areas of need?

Previous philanthropic gifts have supported student scholarships, provided travel funds for students to attend case study competitions and professional conferences. It also allows us to recruit students and faculty as well as providing up to date video technology and classroom space.

You can donate to the HMI Department by online. All transactions are SSL protected.

How do I become an alumni mentor?

Contact one of following executive board members:

How do I volunteer to speak at a student forum?

Please contact Rick Sommer at or 573-882-1783. Mr. Sommer schedules Wednesday Forums and other professional development events/sessions for the students.

How do I host an internship for a student?

Please contact Rick Sommer at or 573-882-1783. Mr. Sommer arranges and coordinates placement efforts for the summer internships.

How do I host an Executive Management Study (EMS Project)?

Please contact Sue Boren at or (573) 882-1492. Dr. Boren identifies the projects during the summer and organizes the EMS teams in the early fall to work on projects through the fall and spring semesters.

How do I sponsor a fellowship for a student?

Please contact Sue Boren at or (573) 882-1492.

Can I assist a student in their professional development in some other, less time consuming, way?

YES! If you would be willing to conduct "mock interviews" and/or resume reviews, contact Rick Sommer at or 573-882-1783. Pairings are generally set up early in the Fall semester but can occur throughout the year if a student has need for additional help.