Mission: Our mission is to provide graduate health administration education, in the context of a School of Medicine, augmented by a health informatics perspective that is designed to prepare capable leaders to meet the administrative needs of diverse health care organizations.

Vision: To be a leader in creating the future of early and mid-career leaders in health care administration for a challenging and changing healthcare arena. Our graduates will transform individual and population health.

Guiding Principles and Values

Value - Create value through knowledge about health organizational processes using evidence-based decision making to achieve the highest level of population-based health. Achieve broad cultural competence in order to work effectively in collaborative and diverse work and community environments.

Knowledge - Develop learning partnerships among the faculty, students, staff, and health professionals for creating, disseminating, and applying knowledge to achieve high levels of performance of health care organizations.

Leadership - Foster a learning environment in which faculty, staff, and students envision the future and develop strategies for change.

Technology - Use advanced information technology to improve organizational performance and individual and population health outcomes.

Quality - Create an environment for excellence in quality and for quality improvement in all educational, research, and health services delivery processes.