The University of Missouri Orthopaedic Association was founded in 1980 to support the research endeavors and education of future orthopaedic surgeons in training at University of Missouri Health Care.

Over the years, the association has sponsored a wide array of nationally and internationally known Visiting Professors and Guest Lecturers for our residency training program at the University of Missouri Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.

The association’s membership includes friends and graduates of our training program who generously donate to underwrite our teaching, research and humanitarian service activities. These donations have funded textbooks for our library, registration and lodging at instructional courses, and travel for podium and poster presentations of clinical and basic research at regional and national meetings for MU medical students and orthopaedic resident physicians.

For over 35 years, the University of Missouri Orthopaedic Association has been an integral and indispensable asset in sustaining top-quality orthopaedic training in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Missouri Orthopaedic Institute.


To foster, promote, support, augment, develop and encourage investigative knowledge of orthopaedics and its many ramifications; to develop and encourage the teaching and education of the same by developing, publishing and copyrighting education materials, and to provide specialized training for orthopaedic surgeons and others; to foster, promote, support, augment, develop and encourage education in allied professions in the recognition, prevention and orthopaedic treatment of diseases, injuries and deformities.


Barry Gainor, MD, orthopaedics
Barry J. Gainor, MD
Honorary Secretary – Treasurer