Association-sponsored studies and articles

Association-sponsored visiting professors

  • Dr. Campbell Crawford
  • Dr. Robert H Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Clayton Perry
  • Dr. Michael McGuire
  • Dr. Richard Idler
  • Dr. Michael Swiontkowski
  • Dr. Victor Frankle
  • Dr. Mark Scarborough

Association-sponsored Awards to University of Missouri Residents

Barry J. Gainor, MD, Endowment Fund for Resident Research and Travel

Established in 2016 by the faculty and graduates in honor of Dr. Gainor`s retirement after 37 years of service to the MU Orthopedic department.

Gainor award

Litton Award – $500 NET from Litton Endowment

This award, established in 2000 by Jeffrey Anglen, MD, is made to orthopaedic resident(s) who best exemplify the qualities that defined Dr. Litton: “A genuine and sincere concern for patients, commitment to the highest patient care standards, respect and consideration of co-workers, and a balance of priorities in life.”

Litton Award winners


Allen Menard Leadership Award – $500 NET from the Allen Menard Leadership Award Account. Established in 2007 by B. Sonny Bal, MD.

This award is in recognition of those unique and intangible qualities that make a professional a leader among peers. Award is presented to one resident in the Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program who best exemplifies the qualities that Allen presented.

Allen Menard Leadership Award

Dedicated Dozen Award – $1,000 given by Dr. & Mrs. Joel Jeffries. Established in 2011 by Dr. & Mrs. Joel Jeffries.

This award was given to outstanding residents as determined by the program director and is in honor of the residents whose dedication was demonstrated by their service during the historic blizzard of 2011: Kate Bauer, Josh Hamann, Michael Hood, Mike Hughes, Conrad Ivie, Matt Jones, Clay Nuelle, Jeff Ratusznik, Shaun Steeby, Harmeeth Uppal, Santaram Vallurupalli and Brian Wegman.

Dedicated Dozen Award

Olson Award – $500 NET from the Olson Resident Research Account. Established in 1994 by Steve Olson, MD.

This award is for research accomplishments determined by Drs. Della Rocca and Volgas.

Barry J. Gainor, MD,  Resident Award in Teaching – $500 from Hummel Endowment for Educational Purposes. Established in 1998 by Dr. Gregory L. Hummel and his wife.

Junior residents (PG1 and PG2) vote for resident that has demonstrated the best teaching qualities/abilities. In developing this award, Dr. Hummel and Mrs. Hummel wanted to recognize the efforts of Barry Gainor, MD in his education. Dr. Gainor has been a consistent yeoman in all aspects of the educational program at the University of Missouri. He is recognized as a superb teacher, not only in didactic sessions, but also in the clinics and operating room. The award is to recognize a Senior Resident (PGY4 or PGY5) who most exemplifies Dr. Gainor’s teaching skills.

Gainor award

MOI Nursing Administration Award for Outstanding Orthopaedic Resident – Established in 2014 by Angela Story, the MOI Director of Nursing

The MOI Nursing Administration Award for Outstanding Orthopaedic Resident recognizes the senior orthopaedic resident (PGY 4 or 5) that exemplifies outstanding interdisciplinary communicatoin, patient family centered care, collaboratoin and the principles of professionalism as determined by the MOI Nursing staff and the MOI Director of Nursing.

MOI Award

AOA-OREF-ZIMMER Resident Leadership Forum


Barry J. Gainor, MD, Faculty Teaching Award. Established in 2008 by chief residents.

The Barry J. Gainor, MD, Faculty Teaching Award recognizes Dr. Gainor`s role as an educator for over 30 years in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. The awardee is s elected by the chief residents to honor the faculty member who exemplifies Dr. Gainor’s dedication to teaching.

Gainor award 2