The MizZzou Research Lab directed by Dr. Christina McCrae is part of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. The laboratory is conveniently located in the MU Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, which is easily reached from both I-70 and route 63. The lab is optimally located for easy access by diverse clinical populations and is a model of an ideal intra- and interdepartmental collaborative environment.

The MizZzou Sleep Research Lab investigates the mechanisms underlying normal and pathological sleep, the link between sleep and cognition, the daily variability inherent in sleep and sleep-related behaviors, and the efficacy and effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral interventions to treat insomnia in diverse populations (e.g., children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, overweight and obese individuals of all ages, older individuals, dementia caregivers, and medical populations, including pain, cardiac disease, cancer, and end stage renal disease). As a result of these research emphases, we collaborate with a broad range of investigators that specialize in aging, autism, cardiology, cognition, immunology, neuroimaging, neurology, nursing, obesity, pain, psycho-oncology, rheumatology, and sleep medicine.

Are you interested in working in our lab?

The Mizzou Sleep Research is recruiting highly motivated, advanced undergraduate or graduate assistants who are interested in gaining research experience in behavioral health.

Contact Melissa Munoz for more information.


MizZzou Sleep Research Lab
Department of Psychiatry
University of Missouri
205 Portland Street, Columbia, MO  65211
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