Building the future of medicine through advanced subspecialty services

The University of Missouri School of Medicine Department of Radiology is here to serve patients, provide diagnostic support for clinical specialties, train new radiologists and support research.

Subspecialty-trained radiologists are present in every division of radiology. Our radiologists lead an ACGME–accredited diagnostic radiology residency program which trains expert radiologists. The primary clinical institution and training site is University of Missouri Health Care, which includes Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, Missouri Orthopaedic Institute, South Providence Medical Park, and Women’s and Children’s Hospital, but residents also rotate through Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital. In addition, the department provides clinical services at the South Providence Medical Park Imaging Center equipped with state of the art radiology facilities.

Our department is fortunate to have excellent technical capabilities. MRI scanners include a new 3T and (4) 1.5T scanners. Breast imaging includes tomosynthesis, breast density measurements, whole-breast ultrasound, and breast MRI. The CT, Nuclear Medicine (including PET/CT, SPECT/CT), ultrasound, and angiography equipment are state of the art. Biopsies and therapeutic interventions are performed utilizing all imaging modalities.

We have an outstanding basic and translational research program utilizing nano and molecular medicine. Our department is internationally known for fundamental basic radio-pharmaceutical research and past discoveries of Tc-99m HMPAO (Ceretec) for brain imaging and Sm-153 EDTMP (Quadramet) for therapy of metastatic bone cancer.

Fellowships are offered in breast imaging, neuroradiology, and pediatric radiology. We also have an ACGME accredited nuclear medicine residency program for providing advanced training for radiology residents and qualified applicants for training in nuclear medicine. This training includes on-site training in all aspects of nuclear medicine including cardiac nuclear medicine (nuclear cardiology), PET/CT, SPECT/CT and extensive experience in radionuclide therapies of thyroid disorders, thyroid cancer, NHL, prostate cancer and metastatic bone cancer.

Talissa Ann Altes, MD
Chair and Gwilym S. and Maria Antonia Lodwick Distinguished Professor in Radiology

Department of Radiology
University Hospital
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Columbia, MO 65212
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