About Me

Research Interests

  • Effective Management of HR and IT Functions in Health Care Organizations
  • Control-based and Commitment-based Management Systems in Health Care Organizations
  • Blame and Learning Cultures in Health Care
  • Silos and Resulting Lack of Coordination, Communication, and Cooperation in Health Care Organizations
  • Greed (Crony Capitalism) in US Health Care System and Resulting Unethical Behavior & Corruption

Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational behavior and human resources management with special focus on health care management, strategic human resource management, transformational leadership and cross-cultural organizational behavior



  • Associate Professor


1994, State University of New York

Awards & Honors

  • 2016. The research article “Effective implementation of health information technologies in U.S. hospitals” in Health Care Management Review chosen as one of the ten notable scientific publications in the field of applied clinical informatics in HIMSS News.
  • 2016. June 1 to 5. Invited as an Expert Foreign Faculty for conducting a workshop “Personality Development and Communication Skills” sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.
  • 2015-2016. Program Chair and Vice President of the Indian Academy of Management, an affiliate of the Academy of Management, USA.
  • 2015. Recognized as one of the top fifty health care professors in the United States by healthcareadministrator.org.
  • 2015. Commended by Peter D. Kinder, Lieutenant Governor of Missouri, for furthering the academic reputation of the state’s flagship university and contributions to the state of Missouri.
  • 2013. Received Emerald Literati Network’s Award for Excellence for the research article entitled ‘Great (Transformational) Leadership = Charisma + Vision’.
  • 2011. Awarded a research grant by the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality entitled ‘HR and IT Capabilities and Complementarities in Health Care Organizations’. Budget: $94,490. The grant rated exceptional (top 2 percentile).
  • 2008. Visiting Scholar. Work Organization & Psychology Group, Ashton Business School, UK.
  • 2007. Nominated for the Provost’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Research and Creativity Award. University of Missouri, Columbia.
  • 2006. Teacher of the year award for outstanding commitment to teaching and student mentoring.
  • 2005. The research paper ‘HR and IT Capabilities and Complementarities in Health Care Organizations’ nominated for the best theory-to-practice paper award and declared runner-up in the Health Care Management Division, Academy of Management Meeting, Honolulu.
  • 2003. The research paper ‘Cronyism: The Downside of Social Networking’ with Eric Tsang and Thomas E. Begley included in the Best Papers Proceedings of the Academy of Management Meeting, Seattle (The paper also nominated for the Douglas Nigh Best Paper Award of the International Management Division).
  • 1996. The paper ‘Further Evidence for Logical Incrementalism: A Study of Computer, Banking, and Utility Industries in the United States’ included in the Best Papers Proceedings of the Academy of Management Meeting, Cincinnati.


One Hospital Drive
Columbia, Missouri, 65211
United States

(573) 884-2510


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