The Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree core curriculum integrates fundamental management concepts and health care applications. The Executive Program consists of 42 credit hours: 12 core courses (3 hours each) and an individual research project (6 hours). These curricular requirements cannot be waived as a result of work experience or previous academic endeavor.

Prerequisite Courses

Students accepted into the MHA program must meet four foundation prerequisites (Statistical Analysis, Microeconomics, Managerial Finance, Accounting). These prerequisites can be met with previous coursework at MU or another university, or (with the exception of Statistical Analysis) via online modules developed by HMI faculty. Since foundation courses are necessary preparation/prerequisites for required MHA courses, the faculty may require special pre-assessment of the level of preparation of students who have completed analogous foundation coursework prior to enrollment in the program. Statistical analysis must be completed before the first summer. Microeconomics must be completed by the end of the first summer. Managerial finance and accounting must be completed before the second winter semester begins.

Oral Comprehensives

All health administration students are required to complete successfully an oral examination that enables the faculty to evaluate the student's competency in health administration. The evaluation takes place during the student's final semester.

Example Plan of Study

1st Spring Semester (program begins in January)

HMI 7410 - Introduction to the US Health Care System
HMI 8460 - Administration of Health Care Organizations
HMI 7430 - Introduction to Health Informatics

1st Summer Semester

HMI 8450 - Methods of Health Services Research

1st Fall Semester

HMI 8524 - Health Economics
HMI 8461 - Managing Human Resources in Health Care Organizations
HMI 8573 - Decision Making for Health Care Organizations

2nd Spring Semester

HMI 8544 - Managerial Epidemiology
HMI 8470 - Strategic Planning and Marketing for Health Care Organizations
HMI 8472 - Financial Management for Health Care Organizations

2nd Summer Semester

HMI 8451 - Individual Executive Management Studies (project)

2nd Fall Semester (graduation in December)

HMI 8571 - Decision Support in Health Care Systems
HMI 8574 - Health Care Law 
HMI 8575 - Health Policy and Politics