The Missouri Cancer Registry and Research Center is pleased to offer the following national resources for the education of Missouri registrars and RHIT students. Click on the links below to view complete details.

Missouri State Tumor Registrars' Association (MoSTRA)

Cancer Registry Education Programs (NCRA)

SEER Educate: s an online training platform for people in the cancer registry profession or interested in working at a registry. SEER Educate helps improve individual performance and provides standard setters an opportunity to use evidence-based summary data to improve coding consistency using the current coding manuals and to prepare new coding manuals addressing issues found in existing manuals. No matter where you are on the registrar career path, experienced or inexperienced, certified or not certified, hospital-based or population-based, this tool offers the training you need to:

  • Prepare for the CTR exam
  • Earn Continuing Education credits for free
  • Train on real-life case scenarios when learning new coding schemes and guidelines

What do you need to get started? A computer using the web browser Mozilla Firefox® and a desire to learn from mistakes! SEER Educate is freely available to everyone. Everyone who signs up will be notified quarterly about the release of new content. Sign up at SEER*Educate today by visiting SEER Educate. Learn by doing. Get started now with a demonstration exercise. 

Tool for New Registrars: For those new to the registry field, is a free online talking dictionary of English pronunciation. Simply type in the word and when your entry appears in pink, mouse over to hear it pronounced.