De-Pei Li, MD, MSc

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Associate Director of the Center for Precision Medicine
Professor of Medicine


Dr. Li has been engaged in research in the field of neurobiology and synaptic plasticity during physiological and pathophysiological conditions for more than 25 years. After receiving postdoctoral training in the field of cardiovascular neurophysiology, he began his career as an independent investigator. The overarching and long-term goal of Dr. Li’s research is to identify novel mechanisms and targets for treatment and prevention of neurological disorders through understanding of molecular and cellular mechanisms. In the current application, he plans to extend his research to determine the role of Kv1.3 channels in chemobrain. Our pilot study found that a chemotherapy agent doxorubicin induced cognitive impairment, increased Kv1.3 channel activity and expression levels, reduced long-term potentiation (LTP) and activated microglia in the hippocampus. Administration of Kv1.3 channel blocker PAP-1 significantly mitigated cognitive impairment, synaptic dysfunction and microglia activation in the doxorubicin-treated mice.

As a Principal Investigator on NIH grants, Dr. Li has established expertise and skills that are necessary to successfully accomplish research projects. His research team members have gained the expertise necessary to perform neurobiology studies using multiple experimental approaches including electrophysiological, genetical, pharmacological, et al. The team will work closely with the Co-Investigators for cognitive behavioral tests, synaptic plasticity and dysfunction and assessment of LTPs in doxorubincin-induced chemobrain. Successful completion of the proposed works will significantly advance our understanding of the role of Kv1.3 channel in chemobrain. Because of past accomplishments and experience, Dr. Li is able to identify important topics related to human health, develop realistic research aims, design effective and alternative strategies, direct progress of projects, and make effective use of budgeted funds.

Academic Information

Associate Director of the Center for Precision Medicine
Professor of Medicine

Research Interests

  • Cardiovascular physiology and neurophysiology
  • Synaptic mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders 
  • Stress-induced neuro-endocrine and cardiovascular disorders

Areas of Expertise

  • Synaptic plasticity during neurological disorders
  • Ion channel function 
  • Neuro-endocrinology

Education & Training

Medical School

HeBei Medical University

Post-Graduate School

HeBei Medical University

Awards & Honors

  • 9/2011 Fellow of American Heart Association (F.A.H.A) affiliated with the Council for High Blood Pressure research
  • 4/2005 The Neural Control and Autonomic Regulation Research Recognition Award. The 35th Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) and Experimental Biology, 2005
  • 4/2004 Michael J. Brody young investigator travel award for Experimental Biology 2004.


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