Kuanysh Kabytaev, PhD

Academic Information

Research Assistant Professor
P. 573-884-1628

Research Interests

  • Applications of mass-spectrometry for diagnostic molecular pathology
  • Clinical proteomics

Areas of Expertise

  • Adoption of mass spectrometry methods for analysis of diabetes biomarker (c-peptide, insulin, glycated hemoglobin and glycated albumin)
  • Development of new identification/separation techniques for translational clinical research (hemoglobinopathies, biomarkers of aging, de novo MS sequencing of proteins)

Education & Training


Aix-Marseille University, France
International Institute of Nano and Molecular Medicine, USA

Post-Graduate School

MsC, Moscow State University and PhD, Moscow State University


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  • Kabytaev K., T Durairaj A., Shin D., Rohlfing C.L, Connolly S., Little R.R., Stoyanov A.V., Two-step Ion-exchange chromatographic purification combined with reversed-phase chromatography to isolate C-peptide for mass spectrometric analysis, Journal of Separation Science, 2016, 39, 676–681.
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