Patricia Alafaireet, PhD, MHA

Patricia Alafaireet, PhD, MHA
Associate Professor
Director of Applied Health Informatics
Department Diversity Ambassador



Dr. Patricia Alafaireet finds solutions that enable physicians and health providers to work more effectively.

Alafaireet investigates how clinicians can most effectively use information technology to enhance their practice. Among other topics, she studies the factors that lead to mental health in-patient recidivism (return to care). Because one in four persons needing mental health services does not receive care, a better understanding of the set of circumstances leading to recidivism could contribute to clinicians’ ability to serve more individuals.

Alafaireet has written numerous scholarly articles. Recent publications center on developing tools and processes to increase treatment adherence. She regularly presents at industry conferences and has contributed significantly to the development of standards around physician-supplied data and usability.

Additionally, Alafaireet is involved in the formulation of national policy, serving as chair of the Rural Health Community of Practice, a national group that examines solutions to rural health issues. She also directs the Missouri Health Technology Assistance Center and maintains an active consulting practice.

At the University of Missouri, Alafaireet teaches courses in decision support systems, enterprise information architecture and project management. She also serves as director of Applied Healthcare Informatics for the Health Management and Informatics Group, designing and overseeing development of technological solutions to health care needs.

Dr. Patricia Alafaireet is an assistant teaching professor of health management and informatics in the School of Medicine.

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Academic Information

Associate Professor
Director of Applied Health Informatics
Department Diversity Ambassador
P. 573-882-9904

Research Interests

  • GUI aesthetics for physician use and in the application of informatics tools to day-to-day clinical operations


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