Paul de Figueiredo, PhD


Paul de Figueiredo, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, and an investigator in the Bond Life Sciences Center at the University of Missouri, where he also has an appointment in the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology. Dr. de Figueiredo has broad experience and training in molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology and host-pathogen interactions, with specific expertise in functional genomics and pathogen intracellular trafficking.

During his doctoral training, Dr. de Figueiredo investigated the molecular mechanisms mediating membrane trafficking and lipid metabolism in mammalian cells. He expanded this research expertise as a postdoc at MIT, where he performed functional genomic experiments in a vertebrate model system (Zebrafish), and as a postdoc at the University of Washington, where he received training in microbiology.

His lab actively pursues research into host mechanisms that control intracellular parasitism by viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens, including Brucella melitensis, the causative agent of one of the world’s most prevalent zoonotic diseases, and Cryptococcus neoformans, the world’s deadliest fungal pathogen. He also has significant interest in using microbes to combat cancer and autoimmune disease in humans. Dr. de Figueiredo has led collaborative projects with engineers. This work has pioneered the development of high-throughput microsystem tools and technologies that illuminate novel biological processes, including mechanisms governing microbial physiology and host-pathogen interactions.

Academic Information

NextGen Precision Health Endowed Professor


240E Bond Life Sciences Center
Columbia, MO 65211
United States

P. 573-882-6828

Research Interests

  • Host mechanisms
  • Brucella melitensis
  • Cryptococcus neoformans
  • Microbes

Areas of Expertise

  • Molecular Biology
  • Cell Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Host-pathogen interactions
  • Functional Genomics
  • Pathogen intracellular trafficking

Education & Training


1986: BA Mathematics and Political Science - Rice University
1989: MA Religious Studies - Stanford University
1997: PhD Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology - Cornell University


1998 - 1999: Post-doctoral Fellowship, Vertebrate Genetics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2000 - 2005: American Cancer Society Post-doctoral Fellowship, Microbiology, University of Washington

Awards & Honors

  • 2010 Keynote Speaker, Academic Scholarship Recognition Ceremony, Texas A&M
  • 2007 Awardee, Ralph E. Powe New Investigator Award
  • 2007 Grantsmanship Award, Mexican American U.S. Latino Research Center, Texas A&M
  • 2006 Fellow, Sloan Minority PhD Program, Texas A&M University
  • 2006 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Minority Program Mentor, Texas A&M
  • 2006 Hispanic Leadership Program Mentor (Texas A&M)
  • 2006 Fellow, Mexican American U.S. Latino Research Center, Texas A&M University
  • 2006 Mentor, Pathways to the Doctorate Program, Texas A&M University

Society Memberships

  • 2019 Member, Society for Biological Engineers (SBE)
  • 2017 Member, American Association of Immunologists (AAI)
  • 2011 Member, American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
  • 2011 Member, American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)
  • 2011 Member, American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • 2005 Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAS)


Selected Papers

  • Zhu B, Ouda R, de Figueiredo P, Kobayashi KS.
    ORF6, a repressor of the MHC class I pathway: new molecular target for SARS-CoV-2 drug discover?
    Expert Opin Ther Targets. 2023 Jul-Dec;27(8):639-644. Doi: 10.1080/1478222.2023.2248377. Epub 2023 Aug 30. PMD: 37602463.
  • Wang L, Peng HY, Kishore Das J, Kumar A, Ren Y, Ballard DJ, Xiong X, Yang W, Ren X, de Figueiredo P, Yang JM, Song J.
    NAC1 confines virus-specific memory formation of CD4+ T cells through the ROCK1-mediated pathway.
    J Med Virol. 2023 Jul;95(7):e28957. doi: 10.1002/jmv.28957. PMID: 37465969; PMCID: PMC10391642.
  • Plocica J, Guo F, Das JK, Kobayashi KS, Ficht TA, Alaniz RC, Song J, de Figueiredo P.
    Engineering live attenuated vaccines: Old dogs learning new tricks.
    J Transl Autoimmun. 2023 Mar 27;6:100198. doi: 10.1016/j.jtauto.2023.100198. PMID: 37090898; PMCID: PMC10113845.
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    bioRxiv 2023.01.26.525770; doi:
  • Eslami M, Chen YP, Nicholson AC, Weston M, Bell M, McQuiston JR, Samuel J, van Schaik EJ, de Figueiredo P.
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  • Skariah S, Abdul-Majid S, Hay AG, Acharya A, Kano N, Al-Ishaq RK, de Figueiredo P, Han A, Guzman A, Dargham SR, Sameer S, Kim GE, Khan S, Pillai P, Sultan AA.
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  • Huang C, Guo F, Wang H, Olivares J, Dalton J, Belyanina O, Wattam A, Cucinell C, Dickerman A, Qin, QM, Han A, de Figueiredo P.
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    Lab Chip. 2023 Feb 14;23(4):671-683. doi: 10.1039/d2lc00602b. PMID: 36227118
  • Das JK, Guo F, Plocica J, Hunt C, Steinmeyer S, Kobayashi K, Jayaraman A, Ficht T, Alaniz R, de Figueiredo P*, Song J*
    A live metabolically engineered bacterium controls autoimmunity and inflammation by remodeling the pro- inflammatory microenvironment and augmenting regulatory T cell function.
    Gut Microbes, 2022 Jan-Dec;14(1):2143222. doi: 10.1080/19490976.2022.2143222. PMID: 36404471
  • Yang JM, Ren Y, Kumar A, Xiong X, Das JK, Peng HY, Wang L, Ren X, Zhang Y, Ji C, Cheng Y, Zhang L, Alaniz RC, de Figueiredo P, Fang D, Zhou H, Liu X, Wang J, Song J.
    NAC1 modulates autoimmunity by suppressing regulatory T cell-mediated tolerance.
    Sci Adv. 2022 Jul;8(26):eabo0183. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abo0183. Epub 2022 Jun 29. PMID: 35767626
  • Dai, Jing; Huang, Can; Zhang, Han; Samuel, Ryan, Li, Yuwen, Jayaraman, Arul, de Figueiredo, Paul, Han, Arum.
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  • Willis JA, Cheburkanov V, Chen S, Soares JM, Kassab G, Blanco KC, Bagnato VS, de Figueiredo P, Yakovlev VV
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  • Yoo J-S, Sasaki M, Cho SX, Kasuga Y, Baohui Z, Ouda R, de Figueiredo P, Sawa H, Kobayashi, KS
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  • Haque M, Lei F, Xiong X, Ren Y, Kumar A, Das JK, Ren X, Fang D, de Figueiredo P, Yang JM, Song J.
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    iScience. 2020 Jul 24;23(7):101333.
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