MU Health Care Stroke Program Draws International Visitors

MU Health Care Stroke Program Draws International Visitors
Pictured from left to right: Dr. Erdem Gurkas, Dr. Adnan Qureshi, Dr. Pradeep Sahota (Chairman of Neurology) and Dr. Emrah Aytac

Dr. Adnan Qureshi, professor of neurology, met Dr. Emrah Aytac and Dr. Erdem Gurkas while attending the National Neurology Congress held in Turkey in 2009.  Drs. Aytac and Gurkas were drawn to Dr. Qureshi because of his reputation as a ‘giant’ in the field of Stroke & Endovascular research

After years of long-distance collaboration, Drs. Aytac and Gurkas chose to spend the summer in Columbia to observe Dr. Qureshi performing interventional procedures, learn treatment protocols for stroke and aneurysm treatment, and discuss current and future collaborative research in the area.

During their stay, Drs. Aytac and Gurkas gave Grand Rounds presentations and learned the day-to-day functioning of MU Health Care. They enjoyed the atmosphere of Columbia and visited many places around the midwest. Dr. Qureshi and the leaders of the Department of Neurology enjoyed the interactions and look forward to the Turkish physicians' next visit.

The physicians were not the first to visit Dr. Qureshi and his team at MU Health Care. Doctors from Xuan Wu Hospital in Beijing, China, visited in May 2018 to study strategies to restore blood flow and lessen the risk of future patients with cerebrovascular disease.