Stephen Halenda, PhD

Stephen Halenda, PhD

Medical Pharmacology and Physiology

Associate Professor
Faculty Director of Preclerkship Curriculum


Academic Information

Associate Professor
Faculty Director of Preclerkship Curriculum


MA415 Med Sci Bldg.
Columbia, MO 65212
United States

P. 573-882-2110

Research Interests

  • Problem-based learning in medical education
  • Signal transduction in platelets
  • Vascular smooth muscle
  • Endothelium

Education & Training


University of Connecticut Health Center

Post-Graduate School

PhD, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA


  • Halenda, S.P., Wu, H., Jones, A.W., and Shukla, S.D. (1996) Phospholipase D in platelets and megakaryocytic cells. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 80, 21-26.
  • Shen, J., Halenda, S.P., Sturek, M., and Wilden, P.A. (2005) Novel mitogenic effect of adenosine on coronary artery smooth muscle cells: Role for the A1 adenosine receptor. Circulation Research 96, 982-990.
  • Wilden, P.A., Agazie, Y.M., Kaufman, R., and Halenda, S.P. (1998) ATP-stimulated smooth muscle proliferation requires independent Erk1/2 and PI3K signaling pathways. American Journal of Physiology 275, H1209-H1215.
  • Agazie, Y.M., Bagot, J.C., Trickey, E., Halenda, S.P., and Wilden, P.A. (2001) Molecular mechanisms of ATP and insulin synergistic stimulation of coronary artery smooth muscle cell growth. American Journal of Physiology 280, H795-H801.