About Me

Research Interests

  • Regulation of transvascular exchange

Areas of Expertise

  • Intravital microscopy
  • small animal surgery
  • microvessel isolation and preparation
  • quantitative in situ assessment of microvessel permeability to fluid, solutes and proteins
  • fluorescence microscopy
  • mammalian cell culture
  • mathematical modeling
  • fluorescent labeling of peptides and proteins
  • amphibian handling and use for in vivo microscopy
  • microtool fabrication

Research Profile

My global research focuses on the regulation of transvascular exchange. Specifically, we use in vivo and in vitro techniques to assess barrier function of vessels/tissue of the microcirculation in health and disease. Current disease foci include hyperinsulinemia, diabetes and sepsis. Our expertise is investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating barrier function under basal conditions and following a stressor to determine which attributes differ with sex.



  • JO Davis Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Medical Pharmacology & Physiology
  • Director
  • National Center for Gender Physiology
  • Senior Investigator
  • Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center
  • Joint Appointment
  • Professor, Biomedical Sciences
  • Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine


1974, AB Chemistry/Computer Science, Hollins University


1980, PhD Biophysics, University of VIrginia


1980, Sloan Kettering


1984, University of California-Davis


Columbia, Missouri, 65212
United States

(573) 882-8069