Grateful Tiger Conversation: Paige Hargis

Paige Hargis

Paige Hargis
Maria L. Evans MD, "Say You Will" Scholarship
Third-year student
Greenfield, Missouri

Q: How has this scholarship assisted in your education?

A: Not only does this help with medical school tuition, but it has allowed me to obtain resources for my studies and continual learning that help me to be the best doctor I can be for my patients. For example, I was able to purchase a surgery textbook and suture skills kit that have allowed me to learn all about surgery as a specialty and to refine my suturing and knot-tying skills. This is just one example of how your generosity has allowed me to excel during my clinical rotations in the hospital. Additionally, this scholarship has eased the financial burden that medical school involves so that rather than obtaining a second job outside of school, I am able to spend more time in the hospital, learning from patients and developing skills necessary to become a successful future physician.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: Since my early teens, I knew that I wanted to become a physician. While this was quite different than my family's history of generations of farming, I was sure that medicine was the path for me. I had always loved school and worked hard to become valedictorian of my high school graduating class. I then moved to Columbia, Missouri, to pursue a degree in biology/pre-medicine at Mizzou. I studied abroad in Spain and received a minor in Spanish and in leadership and public service during my time at Mizzou. After being accepted to the MU School of Medicine, it felt like my dreams were becoming a reality and I was finally where I had envisioned myself for so many years. Now, as a third-year student, I am in the hospital using the knowledge and skills I gained during my first two years of medical school to care for patients. I am hoping to pursue a career in urology, and my small-town roots still hold my desire to care for patients from underserved areas.

Q: What are your extracurricular activities and hobbies?

A: I enjoy doing anything outdoors. One of my favorite hobbies, when I have time to travel, is to scuba dive. I took a scuba course in undergrad and fell in love with it. It is definitely a more difficult hobby to have in Missouri, although I have gone diving in quarries and lakes in the state (very cold water though!). My favorite volunteer work has been my time at the VA hospital. I volunteered for four years throughout my undergraduate career and continue to spend time there when I can during medical school. I hope to someday spend time training at a VA hospital after I graduate from medical school to care for our veterans.

Q: What message would you like to send to your scholarship sponsor?

A: Medical school has presented many challenges, but I am motivated and dedicated knowing that I have so many people cheering me on. Thank you for your support. I will never forget this kind contribution, and please know that I am working hard to become the best physician I can be for my future patients.

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