TLRO Doctoral Student Awarded International Travel Scholarship

Photo of Sebastian Cardona Ramirez

Sebastian Cardona Ramirez received a John D. Bies International Travel Scholarship supporting his trip to Cartagena, Colombia.

Ramirez is a Fulbright Scholar from Colombia pursuing his PhD in pathobiology in the Thompson Lab. During his trip, Ramirez presented a podium presentation titled “Response of fibroblasts to mechanical tension: considerations for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction” at the Latin American meeting for hip and surgery (ELCCR) — a meeting that gathers 500 specialized orthopaedic surgeons and leaders.

The meeting gave Ramirez an opportunity to share his knowledge and experience and break paradigms regarding biologics in knee surgery.

Additionally, Ramirez had the opportunity to become an active member of the Colombian Orthopaedic Society (SCOOT), putting him one step closer to realizing his goal of starting an orthopaedic research laboratory that serves Colombia and Latin America.