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Program Highlights

  • ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City was founded in 1987 and its award winning programs are organized through The Research Foundation.
  • Founding neurosurgeon is physician - Robert A. Morantz, MD. Sponsoring chapter physician in neurosurgeon Jonathan Chilton, MD with Midwest Neurosurgery Associates.
  • The chapter has 7 VIP speakers (Voices for Injury Prevention) and 3 LEAD speakers who deliver more than 200 school-based programs reaching more than 50,000 youth annually (excluding during COVID pandemic).
  • Chapter staff members serve on the Greater Kansas City Regional Destination Safe Coalition.
  • ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City was named 2008 Chapter of the Year by the ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation.
  • ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City was awarded the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) People Saving People Award in 2011.
  • ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City was awarded in 2014 with the Tempe Humphrey Youth Safety Award by Missouri's Coalition for Roadway Safety. The Tempe Humphrey award is a statewide award recognizing an individual or group who has made a significant impact in the area of youth or teen safety.
  • ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City Co-Director Rose Simone received the 2014 Regional Arrive Award from the Kansas City Coalition for Roadway Safety.
  • ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City VIP Sarah Smith was named the VIP of the Year by the ThinkFIrst National Injury Prevention Foundation in 2017.
  • The Young Traffic Offender Program (YTOP) was established in Greater Kansas City to offer Judges through Kansas City metro area circuit and municipal courts a way to deter young people from speeding, driving impaired, driving distracted and other driving related offenses. The program is attended by drivers ages 15 to 24. In partnership with Research Medical Center and Centerpoint Medical Center, a total of 25 YTOP programs are conducted annually reaching over 700 youth.
  • The Young Traffic Offenders Program was the recipient of the Show-Me Safety Award from the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety and AAA for its success in educating youth on the importance of driving safely in 2012.
  • RoadWise is a free program for young drivers 14-17, emphasizing the importance of wearing a seat belt, making good decisions behind the wheel and not driving distracted. In partnership with Research Medical Center, RoadWise is hosted annually.
  • ThinkFirst about Falls is a program aimed at helping older adults (or any adult at risk for falls) recognize their risk factors for falls, and implement strategies to prevent falls. Falls in the home are one of the top causes of injuries among older adults. Programs are conducted in partnership with the Research Medical Center Trauma Department.