Adebowale Adebiyi, PhD

Adebowale Adebiyi, PhD

Medical Pharmacology and Physiology

Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

NextGen Precision Health Investigator
Russell D. and Mary B. Shelden Missouri Chair in Anesthesiology



Adebowale Adebiyi, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology and a NextGen Precision Health Investigator. His research focuses on the pathophysiology of blood vessels and kidneys.

Dr. Adebiyi’s research team utilizes an integrative approach, including molecular, biochemical, electrophysiology, imaging and whole animal methodologies to investigate ion channels, G protein-coupled receptors, oxyradicals and regulatory proteins that control vascular and kidney function. Recent NIH-funded research projects in Dr. Adebiyi’s laboratory use swine models to explore the physiology and pathophysiology of neonatal renal microcirculation.

Academic Information

NextGen Precision Health Investigator
Russell D. and Mary B. Shelden Missouri Chair in Anesthesiology


1030 Hitt St
NextGen Precision Health Center
Columbia, MO 65211
United States

P. 573-884-1084

Research Interests

  • Investigating regulation ion channels in vascular smooth muscle
  • Role of TRP channel family
  • Perinatal kidney microcirculation
  • Development of translational swine models to study vascular and kidney disease
  • Acute kidney injury

Education & Training


2009 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Physiology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
2004 PhD, National University of Singapore, Singapore
1996 Bachelor of Science (Honors), College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Awards & Honors

  • 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award: Experimental Biology and Medicine (the Society of Experimental Biology).
  • 2020 John F. Perkins, Jr. Research Career Enhancement Award: American Physiological Society
  • 2019 Publication recommendation: Faculty of 1000 - Renal, Fluid & Electrolyte Physiology
  • 2018 University of Tennessee Research Foundation Technology Maturation Award.
  • 2017 Selected to attend the 2017 American Heart Association Research Leaders Academy
  • 2014 Marco Cabrera Poster Presentation Award (Basic Science), NIDDK/NMRI 12th Annual Workshop, NIH Bethesda MD: NIDDK/NMRI
  • 2014 Abstract-Based NMRI Travel Award: Endocrine Society
  • 2013 Research Recognition Award: American Physiological Society Renal Section.
  • 2011 O’Brien Fellow: Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy (ICBM)
  • 2009 *Young Scientist Travel Award: American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
    *Declined to accept APS/NIDDK award
  • 2009 *Travel Award: FASEB Minority Access to Research Careers. *Declined
  • 2008 Travel Fellowship: American Physiological Society/NIDDK
  • 2007 Donald J Reis Memorial Trainee Symposium, 2007 Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA: FASEB
  • 2007 Travel Fellowship: American Physiological Society/NIDDK
  • 2006 – 2008 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: American Heart Association
  • 2003 Travel Award: Society of Toxicology (SOT), USA
  • 2003 Student Abstract Award: Burdock Group, Society of Toxicology (SOT), USA
  • 2000 Travel Award: Lee Foundation, Singapore
  • 2000 Travel Award: National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • 2000 – 2004 Predoctoral Research Scholarship: National University of Singapore, Singapore


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