Efforts to Streamline Tumor Boards Show Promise

tumor boards

University of Missouri School of Medicine researchers are piloting a unique tool to improve how multidisciplinary cancer care is provided. Two abstracts recently published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology show that the NAVIFY™ Tumor Board solution has the potential to standardize and streamline tumor boards.

At MU Health Care’s Ellis Fischel Cancer Center and other cancer institutes around the world, multidisciplinary teams of specialists regularly meet to discuss new or challenging cases. Bringing together a variety of specialties and perspectives helps ensure patients receive the best, most appropriate care. These meetings, known as tumor boards, require teams to collect and organize a variety of patient records — radiology and microscope slide images, pathology reports, electronic medical records and more. It’s a worthwhile endeavor, though gathering these materials can be time-intensive.

In collaboration with the pharmaceutical and diagnostics company Roche, Richard Hammer, MD, vice chair of the Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences, is studying NAVIFY™ to determine if and how it improves teamwork and decision-making among cancer specialists. Early results suggest that the tool gives the care team more time for in-depth discussions on patient care with less time needed to collect records from disparate sources.

“I was not surprised that using a common digital solution could help standardized preparation of tumor boards across various specialties,” Hammer said. “In fact, the software was designed with meeting accreditation requirements for tumor boards and is planned to help institutions in attaining and monitoring these requirements.”

At Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, NAVIFY™ is used in tumor boards for hematology-pathology, ENT, multidisciplinary care and breast cancer. The tool was recently extended to melanoma tumor boards and will soon be implemented at pulmonary tumor boards. Plans are underway to use NAVIFY™ at all other tumor boards across the cancer center.

“We are continuing our integration of NAVIFY™ with the electronic medical record and recently upgraded to version 2.0,” Hammer said. “This spring, we will begin integrating radiology reports and images into the platform. We will also use two new apps, a clinical trial matching app and a PubMed search app, which will be available to clinicians to help them manage and care for their patients at any time.”

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