Our Department of Otolaryngology had its nascent origins as a Division of the Department of Surgery in 1964.

The Otolaryngology Residency training program was established in 1971 and under strong, committed division leadership, strengthened through the ensuing three decades. In 2003, the Division of Otolaryngology became the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. Among the residents and fellows that have trained in the Otolaryngology programs at MU, many have become professional educators at academic institutions, and leaders in the otolaryngology specialty professional organizations including the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery.

The history of our Department has been chronicled by one of our most outstanding and dedicated faculty, Professor Emeritus, Jerry Templer, MD. Click here to read "History of Otolaryngology at the University of Missouri - Columbia" by Jerry W. Templer, MD, September 2004.

Robert P. Zitsch III, MD, FACS

Chair and William E. Davis, MD, Distinguished Professor in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery