The Cognition, Aging, Sleep, and Health Lab (CASH Lab) studies the bidirectional relationship between sleep and cognition in healthy and pathological aging populations. The CASH Lab is specifically interested in evaluating cognitive interventions for improving sleep, cognition, and associated functions.

The CASH Lab also examines risk (e.g., pain, medication) and demographic factors (e.g., sex) that alter sleep and cognitive profiles across the lifespan. The lab uses behavioral (e.g., cognitive testing, daytime functioning assessment, sleep) and physiological (e.g., polysomnography, heart rate variability, neuroimaging) methods to answer novel research questions in these areas.

    Staff Recruitment

    Graduate Students: Dr. Curtis will be considering graduate students for the upcoming academic year. Visit the Mizzou graduate psychology program for details on how to apply.

    Undergraduate Students: If you would like to join our lab, send a cover letter outlining experience and research interests as well as a CV to Dr. Curtis at Please note that undergraduate students are expected to volunteer 8-10 hours per week in the lab.

    For all other inquiries please email Dr. Curtis.