The Center for Medical Epidemiology and Population Health (CMEPH), formerly the Health and Behavioral Risk Research Center (HBRRC), is recognized for its expertise in medical epidemiology and population health. This includes independent and collaborative applications/funded projects; design and implementation of research and evaluation studies; recruitment and retention of subjects; analyzing data; producing reports; and disseminating data in written and visual formats.

Since 1999, the center has offered expertise and resources to the health and research communities at national, state, county, and foundation levels. As a unit of the University of Missouri (MU) School of Medicine (SOM), CMEPH provides the research community at MU and beyond with almost limitless options and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to conduct health-related research.

Our Mission

CMEPH’s mission is to improve population health and advance science through research, evaluation, and service. To accomplish this mission, CMEPH is committed to the scholarship of research discovery, which includes:

  • Conducting health research through state and federal entities, the University of Missouri, other institutions of learning, foundations, and private organizations
  • Discovering new knowledge through research that integrates concepts and methods in medical epidemiology, population health research, and data/analytical sciences critical to understanding problems, implementing programs, and developing policies focused on improving population health
  • Integrating the expertise of multiple disciplines in the pursuit of understanding determinants of disparities in health and healthcare
  • Applying knowledge to the practice of disease prevention and health promotion through partnerships with community and academic organizations

Supporting research through the provision of expert service in medical epidemiological study proposal and application, subject recruitment, data collection, analysis, and reporting

  • Increasing the accuracy and value of local, state, and national research through quality data collection, analysis, reporting, and dissemination of data

Our Vision

CMEPH’s vision is to lead, develop, and deliver multidisciplinary research and evaluation projects in medicine, population health, and healthcare that fully attend to customer needs.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Responsibility 
  • Ethics
  • Discovery
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Accessibility