salivary gland illustrationThe Baker Research Lab’s current interests concern the welfare of people who are unable to produce adequate saliva either due to genetics (ectodermal dysplasias), autoimmunity (Sjögren’s syndrome) or side effects from treatments (head and neck radiation therapy and medications). A comprehensive approach to hyposalivation involves not just treatment but also preventative aspects, which are both warranted and viable. As such, our lab currently works in the following areas: 

  • Resolution of Inflammation 
  • Use of Fibrin Hydrogels to Promote Salivary Gland Regeneration 
  • Cell Sheets 
  • Development of Saliva Substitutes

Lab Members

Kihoon Nam

Kihoon Nam, Research Assistant Professor

Harim Tavares dos Santos

Harim Tavares dos Santos, Postdoctoral Fellow

Frank Maslow

Frank Maslow, Senior Research Technician