Bornali Kundu, MD, PhD, is a neurosurgeon at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. Her lab seeks to better understand how brain function, such as working memory, is supported by underlying structural and functional brain networks and how brain stimulation can treat network disorders such as epilepsy and movement disorders. Her lab's translational neuroscience research foci include defining the nature of epileptic networks, characterizing how brain stimulation modulates underlying neural networks and identifying the neural basis of human working memory.

Brain stimulation using implanted devices has revolutionized the treatment of functional disorders including movement disorders and epilepsy. However, the precise mechanisms by which neurostimulation acts on the brain and modulates pathologic circuits is an area of intense research. The Kundu Lab focuses on studying the mechanisms by which brain stimulation affects large-scale brain networks with the goal of improving the treatment of network disorders, particularly with respect to memory deficits.

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