The School of Medicine requires all students to carry health/accident insurance. Verification of your enrollment will be collected on an annual basis. The University offers an insurance plan through Aetna Student Health in which enrollment is voluntary.

Students must re-enroll for the insurance each period to continue coverage.

Enrollment deadlines are:

Fall: September 6, 2020

Spring/Summer: February 7, 2021

Aetna Student Health has a dedicated section of its site for Mizzou’s plan. The School of Medicine encourages medical students to consult the valuable information there, including plan details, dates of coverage, enrollment period, provider/doctor search, prescription benefits and travel assistance. Plan documents are updated for the new academic year in July. There are three different plans for the University of Missouri. Be sure to review the information designated for medical students. After enrolling and becoming a member, you will be able to access your digital ID card within seven to 10 days. For your convenience, Aetna Student Health provides a “print ID card” feature and other member resources on their site.

Enrollment Procedure

All registered medical students physically and actively attending classes on campus are eligible to enroll in this Plan. To continue coverage, students must re-enroll at the beginning of each new period.

Enroll in MyZou

  • Log on to myZou using your pawprint and password, and then go to self-service – student center.
  • On the student center page, you should see a drop-down box that says “Other Academic”; click on the arrow on the right side of the box and select "Optional Fees."
  • Select the current term. You should now see a table of options.
  • Check the box for "Insurance Domestic Plan" for the current term. Your medicine degree plan will ensure that you receive the appropriate coverage period. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. You should then see a message that says "Optional Fees Are Successfully Changed."
  • The cost of the premium will be billed to your MU student account.

Returning Students Who Were Not Students During the Enrollment Period

  • If you were not a student during the enrollment periods above, you must enroll in the insurance within 45 days of entering the University as a student.

Continuing Students With Special Circumstances

  • In the cases of marriage or involuntary loss of coverage under another plan, students have 30 days from the date of the wedding or loss of coverage to enroll. Contact Aetna Student Health at 877-375-7905 for a qualifying event form.

Enrolling Dependents

  • You must first enroll yourself through myZou and then you may enroll your dependents on the Aetna Student Health web site. The cost of the premium will be billed to your MU student account.

Specific Coverage Questions

If you have a specific question about coverage of a service that is not answered by the Aetna Student Health web site, you can contact one of the insurance representatives at the Student Health Center by calling 573-882-7481.