Our mission in the Office of Well-Being is to save and improve the lives of health care workers throughout our academic health system. We engage with departments, teams, and individuals to advance a culture of wellness at all levels of the organization.

Our Services

Individual Support

Access to confidential, timely, quality mental health care

Our clinical psychologists will work with you to find the mental health support that's right for you, within the MUHC system or through referral to a community resource.

Your privacy is important to us. Clinical records for clients of the Office of Well-Being are kept in a HIPAA-compliant software application that is not connected to PowerChart.

Individual well-being plan development

Being prepared for life's inevitable ups and downs can help prevent burnout and keep your well-being back on track. We can help you create a personal well-being plan to give you the tools you need to thrive.

Team Support

Well-being plan development

Developing personal well-being plans in a team environment can promote understanding and collegiality as individuals explore what's necessary for their own well-being, and how they can support others.


Upstander - "What should I do or say when I see a colleague being mistreated?" This one-hour training course will give your team the tools to go from being bystanders to upstanders. Taught in collaboration with the office of Belonging & Community Impact.

Grief - Grief is a normal part of the human experience. Healthcare workers need and deserve the time and tools to process difficult losses in order to move on. This one-hour training course can give your team members the knowledge, awareness, and tools needed to process their experiences of grief when they encounter it both in and outside of the clinical setting.

Leadership - Department Chairs are encouraged to recommend candidates for the annual Physician Leadership Development Academy learning series. This series of six four-hour sessions teaches rising physician leaders the tools they will need to lead effectively in a complex health system, and initiate and manage change. The cohort of 24-30 physicians is selected in the fall for the following year's series that meets once a month from January through June.


Team support can come in many forms. Contact our office to discuss how we can help your team to thrive!

Other Resources

  • HR Service Center: Access to TotalRewards, including the Employee Assistance Program
  • Live and Work Well by Optum: Access code: UMISSOURI - Employee Assistance Program providing telehealth mental health care and self-care tools and services
  • MUHC Spiritual Care: Comprehensive spiritual care and emotional support for all beliefs and religions
  • Missouri Physicians Health Program: The MPHP promotes physician health in Missouri, helping to maintain the physician workforce while protecting patient safety.
  • ForYou: Peer support for MUHC employees impacted by an adverse event
  • ParentLink: Support for parents and families