The Missouri Practice-Based Innovations Network (MO-PIN) is a practice-based research network within the Rural Health Research Center.

MO-PIN is comprised of primary care clinicians and researchers who work collaboratively to answer community-based health care questions and translate the research findings into practice. MO-PIN will advance primary care practice by fostering an evidence-based culture through collaborative engagement in research and quality improvement activities.

MISSION: The mission of MO-PIN is to foster collaboration of communities, health care providers and researchers to improve primary care practice through research and discovery.

VISION: Through collaboration and community engagement, MO-PIN will work to improve population health in rural Missouri.

The network fields proposals from both researchers and clinicians, using a project quality review process to ensure strong project designs. MO-PIN staff assists network members and researchers in framing clinical questions for research projects, implementing practice-friendly study protocols, and addressing resource needs for maximizing project performance and beneficial outcomes for clinics and patients.

MO-PIN mapThe founding core members of MO-PIN are:

  1. MU Health Care and its primary care clinics.
  2. CoxHealth and its primary care clinics.
  3. Central Ozark Medical Center primary care clinics.
  4. Katy Trail Community Health primary care clinic.

Each MO-PIN member brings unique resources and assets to the network.

Interested in partnering with MO-PIN for a research or QI project? Fill out the Research Request Query form.