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Clinical Research Center

The University of Missouri Clinical Research Center brings scientific discovery to the realm of patient care by supporting patients, volunteers and researchers who participate in clinical trials and other forms of clinical research. 


One Hospital Drive
Room N508
Columbia, Missouri 65212


Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

The Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory is currently involved in research on the cognitive effects/neural mechanisms of autism, stress, dementia, and drug abuse.


David Beversdorf, MD


Cosmopolitan International Diabetes Center

The Cosmopolitan International Diabetes Center has vigorously pursued its three objectives: 1) to provide state-of-the-art care to a large population of people with diabetes, 2) to educate patients and health care professionals about the disease, and 3) to conduct basic and clinical research.


One Hospital Drive

Columbia, MO 65212


Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center

Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center is making great strides toward understanding the causes of many diseases, including hypertension, cancer, cystic fibrosis and heart disease.

Electron Microscopy Core Facility

The Electron Microscopy Core Facility (EMC) provides electron microscopy services  and technology to academic and private/industrial clients.

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center

To win the fight against cancer, you and your family need innovative, leading-edge cancer care. That’s what you’ll find at University of Missouri Health Care.

Functional Assessment Screening Team

The Functional Assessment Screening Team’s goal is to develop innovative motion analysis technology aimed at enhancing health and performance.


Aaron Gray, MD

FAST Lab Director

Health and Behavioral Risk Research Center

The Health and Behavioral Risk Research Center is the measurement and surveillance unit of the Department of Health Management and Informatics at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. The center was established in 1999 and is an invaluable resource to faculty and staff conducting research both within the MU system and beyond. HBRRC is dedicated to providing the highest quality data collection, analysis and reporting services to researchers and research entities at the state, federal, local, institutional and foundational level. 


William Wells, PhD, MHA

419 Clark Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

Human Performance Institute

The MU Human Performance Institute is a comprehensive performance resource that provides training that draws on the latest medical evaluation technology.



International Institute of Nano and Molecular Medicine

The I²NM² is a University of Missouri research center dedicated to the discovery and application of fundamental and translational medical science based upon previously unexplored chemistry combined with nanotechnology and the biosciences.