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Missouri Cancer Registry and Research Center

Missouri Cancer Registry and Research Center (MCR-ARC) is a collaborative partnership between the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and the University of Missouri. 


Iris Zachary, PhD, MSHI, CTR

Director of Missouri Cancer Registry and Research Center

PO Box 718

Columbia, MO 65205


Missouri Health Information Technology Assistance Center

The Missouri Health Information Technology Assistance Center provides resources to promote the meaningful use of health information technology, not only to meet the requirements for receiving Meaningful Use incentive payments.


Patricia Alafaireet, PhD



Missouri Orthopaedic Bioskills Laboratory

The Missouri Orthopaedic Bioskills Lab is the primary clinical anatomy and surgical simulation training site for the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. The lab provides mentored, hands-on cadaveric training that is critical to patient safety and effective surgical practice.


Rachel Eiberger

Associate Director


Mizzou OneHealth Biorepository

The Mizzou OneHealth Biorepository is a University of Missouri School of Medicine-approved facility that provides normal and pathologic tissue samples and ancillary processing services. The biorepository was established to standardize collections and, in return, provide high-quality tissue for IRB-approved biomedical research projects.


David Pittman, MD

Medical Director of Biorepository

1 Hospital Drive
Columbia, MO 65212


Mizzou Sleep Research Lab

The Mizzou Sleep Research Lab investigates the mechanisms underlying normal and pathological sleep, the link between sleep and cognition, the daily variability inherent in sleep and sleep-related behaviors and the efficacy and effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral interventions to treat insomnia in diverse populations. 


Christina S. McCrae, PhD, CBSM



Shelden Clinical Simulation Center

The Russell D. and Mary B. Shelden Clinical Simulation Center offers programs to improve patient care and safety.


Shelden Clinical Simulation Center

1 Hospital Dr

Clinical Support and Education Building

Columbia, MO 65212



Thompson Laboratory for Regenerative Orthopaedics

The mission of the Thompson Laboratory for Regenerative Orthopaedics is to perform the best clinically applicable orthopaedic research in the world to improve health care for patients.


James Cook, DVM, PhD, OTSC


Missouri Orthopaedic Institute, 4th Floor

1100 Virginia Ave.

Columbia, MO 65212