The University of Missouri Coulter Biomedical Accelerator program has two committees that help direct activities.

The MU Coulter Accelerator Oversight Committee functions as the Board of Directors of the Program and selects the projects that are funded. The committee reviews funded projects on a regular basis to assess progress toward milestones and follow on funding, and mentors project teams as needed.

Committee members have expertise in the translation of biomedical technologies and represent the biomedical industry, the investment community, the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, the Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations, Department of Biomedical, Biological & Chemical Engineering, and Clinical Sciences.

The Committee membership might seem unusual within a typical university “committee” setting but reflects the unique Coulter Accelerator Program process and goals. The committee communicates regularly throughout the year and meets as a group three times annually for project selection and portfolio management activities.

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The MU Coulter Accelerator Executive Committee, comprised of the Coulter Accelerator Program Office and a subset of Oversight Committee members, is responsible for making decisions between meetings of the Oversight Committee.

The Coulter Accelerator Program Office sets the agenda for meetings, which can range from addressing pressing Program or project matters to vetting strategies or projects that are to be put in front of the Oversight Committee.

The Executive Committee is also responsible for discussing ideas for improving the Coulter Accelerator Program and ensuring that the best projects receive Coulter funding. The Executive Committee meets monthly.

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