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To improve the health of all people, especially Missourians, through exemplary education, research and patient-centered care


To be a transformational leader in improving health.


Excellence: We pursue the highest goals and accept the sacrifices and responsibilities required to achieve our best possible performance.

Respect: We nurture free and open discourse, listen to new ideas, and value diverse perspectives and talents.

Service: We put forth our most diligent efforts on behalf of our patients, learners, stakeholders and partners.

Integrity: We commit to honesty, truthfulness and authenticity in our relationships and activities.

Responsibility: We exhibit a strong sense of duty, stewardship and accountability to each other and to the public.

Innovation: We pursue an ongoing, collaborative process of discovery and translate knowledge for the benefit and service of society.

Compassion: We relate to others in a caring, empathic manner and strive to prevent and relieve human suffering.

Inclusion: We promote diversity and convey a sense of belonging, respect and value for all persons.