We are currently seeking lab technicians and postdoctoral fellows interested in studying resolution of inflammation and tissue regeneration in salivary glands. These are fully-funded positions. Recent or soon-to-be PhDs preferred. Please contact Olga Baker at bakero@health.missouri.edu directly if interested.

Training Environment

The Baker lab is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, orientations and outlooks, all committed to the objective study of salivary gland biology, physiology and pathology. In general, we seek to approach the challenging task of understanding the salivary glands with an open mind and great humility, recognizing that it is often only through trial, error and discussion that we will arrive at clear conclusions. To this end, our goal is to foster an inclusive, respectful, exciting and intellectually enriching environment that can help everyone succeed and reach their full potential as researcher.

Our lab mentoring culture focuses on deep attention to the literature and the use of hypotheses and working models to monitor the design and interpretation of individual experiments. The importance of effective oral and written communication skills is heavily stressed, and extensive feedback is provided on these tasks. Dr. Baker encourages everyone to present their work at national and international meetings and works with the lab personnel to describe finished results in high-quality, first-author publications.